When you are dealing with precision items like diamond saw blades, it is essential that the manufacturing quality be of the highest level. These blades are high tech cutting tools used for very specialized purposes.

The tasks of themare used for include things like cutting tile or other ceramic products. They are also used for cutting concrete. They are manufactured with diamond crystals that are affixed to the blade using powdered metals.


How do these blades carry out their assigned tasks? They do it not by cutting directly but by grinding. Each blade has a different “bond” which indicates the type of blade and what its cutting capabilities are. All of best them are cold pressured to ensure that they last longer than those of their competition.

There are a number of advantages of diamond circular saw blades over other types of saw blades. The main one is that they are extremely hard and therefore can cut material that other blades could not. They also last longer for the same reason. The chemical composition of these cutting blades and grinding wheels is also superior and contributes to the effectiveness of the products.

Good manufacturer backs up all its claims of superior quality with an absolute guarantee that their diamond-saw-blades and other cutting and grinding wheels will do what they are supposed to do efficiently and cost effectively.

Sometimes, industrial operations require a specialized product that isn’t part of the regular. Good manufacturer line-up of cutting wheels, grinding wheels, and saw blades. If that’s the case, they will custom make a product that does meet those requirements precisely.

All that is required is that that the company requiring the part sits down with a representative of good manufacturer to work out exactly what specifications are needed. There are also times when a company will want to sell their own brand of products – like those produced by good manufacturer – but they don’t want to actually manufacture them.

What they do in this case is make an arrangement with good manufacturer to sell their diamond-saw-blades and grinding wheels under their own brand name. Whatever arrangement works for the customer, good manufacturer is happy to make happen. And the company is happy to send out free samples to any company that’s interested in trying them out.

By emphasizing research and constant improvement to their diamond-saw-blades and other products, this dynamic manufacturer ensures it will remain at the cutting edge of technology in their field.

Cutting concrete or ceramics is easy with a diamond saw blade


When it comes to specialized cutting wheels and blades for industrial use. These high tech blades are designed for specialized tasks such as cutting concrete or cutting tile or other ceramics.

These blades are the very best quality. The customer doesn’t have to pay a premium for these premium quality diamond-saw-blades, however. They are priced very affordably, and the selection is impressive. You are sure to find a product that perfectly suits your needs.

They are blades made with diamond crystals. These crystals are affixed to the blade with powdered metals. These blades actually grind rather than cut. The ‘bond’ of the blade depends on what task the blade is being used for. The most diamond-saw-blades from good manufacturer are cold pressured to ensure a longer life.

Diamonds are used for both cutting and grinding because they are incredibly hard and therefore are long lasting. The composition of each diamond saw blade depends on whether the material it is intended to cut is hard or soft.

Top Sharp is one of the top manufacturers of cutting wheels and grinding wheels in the world. The durability of its products is well known, and it offers after sales service that is second to none.

Great manufacturer is so confident in the quality of its products that it guarantees that its bonded abrasives, abrasive wheels, diamond-saw-blades, and cutting wheels will last longer than any of their competitors. And they have hard data to back this up in the form of comparative testing.

The engineering division of them has created abrasive and grinding products that feature advanced and state of the art chemical compositions. By emphasizing research and constant improvement to their diamond-saw-blades and other products, this dynamic company ensures it will remain at the cutting edge of technology in their field.

They produces segmented rim diamond blades and continuous rim blades. It manufactures circular diamond-saw-blades, as well as ceramic tile blades, both wet and dry. It also produces diamond porcelain blades.

In addition to its diamond-saw-blades, they also make flap discs that are ideal for finishing, blending, and grinding.

Another thing that sets them apart from other manufacturers in the industry is that it will produce products that are custom designed to fit the particular specifications required by a customer. No matter what the customer’s needs are, they can create a cutting wheel or grinding wheel that is ideal for the job.

The company can also produce diamond saw blades and other cutting and grinding wheels under the brand names MostPowerTools of their customers.

Diamond cutting blade

Suitable for linear cutting granite, marble and etc., with the advantage of fast cutting speed, long life and efficient cutting performance.

Wheel Size (DxH) RPM
Diameter Segment’s Thickness (mm) Segment.s height Arbor Hole
105 1.8/2.0  8/10 22/20/16 15200
115 1.8/2.0  8/10 22/20/16 13200
125 2  8/10 22/20/16 12300
150 2  8/10 22/20/16 10300
180 2.2/2.4  8/10 DM/22/20/16 8600
230 2.4  8/10 25.4/22/20/16 6600
250 2.4  8/10 25.4/22/20/16 6300
300 3.2  8/10 25.4/20 4500
350 3.2  8/10 25.4/20 3500

Diamond saw blade for Concrete

Mainly used for cutting cured concrete road. Its outstanding advantage is fast cutting speed, long life. In particular, it can be divided into blades for high-power cutter (≥35HP) and for low-power cutter (≤35HP). High-power cutter blade can survive longer life. Low-power cutter blade can cut very fast.

Wheel Size (DxH) RPM
Diameter Segment’s Thickness (mm) Segment.s height Arbor Hole
200 2.4 8 50/25.4 6600
255 2.8 10 50/25.4 6300
305 3 10 50/25.4 4500
355 3.2 10 50/25.4 3500
405 3.8 10 50/25.4 3200

Diamond saw blade for Tile and Ceramics

Mainly used in cutting floor tiles, high-hardness tiles. Fast speed, longer life and no water cut in short duration are the unique character of diamond blade special for tiles. Mainly used for cutting ceramics, tiles with the feature of clean cut, level up. It’s the ideal professional diamond blade in making design of ceramics and cutting joint.

Wheel Size (DxH) RPM
Diameter Segment’s Thickness (mm) Segment.s height Arbor Hole
105 1.6 10 22/20/16 15200
115 1.6 12 22/20/16 13200
125 1.6 10 22/20/16 12300
150 1.6/1.8 10 22/20/16 10300
180 1.6/1.8 10 DM/22/20/16 8600
230 2 10 25.4/22/20/16 6600